• April Atrium Exhibit,Anne Kenyon,Jason Bloom

Anne Kenyon, Jason Bloom

Anne Kenyon's artwork features both pastel paintings and hand pulled
prints -- drypoints, monoprints and collagraphs. Some of the pastel
paintings are part of an ongoing series of Florida landscapes.The
prints represent a new artistic direction and are often enhanced with
pastels and watercolor.

Clay is the easiest way for Jason to combine his passions for nature,
science, and design into individual, functional pieces of art. He
strives to create pottery that will become a favorite piece to be
used, examined, held, and enjoyed. Cooking and entertaining are some
of his favorite pastimes, heavily influencing the pottery Jason
creates. He believes, however, that functionality should not detract
from a form's beauty and design. Motivated by the setting of his home
and studio near the Allegheny Plateau, he integrates the flora and
fauna he encounters each day into his glaze colors and embellishments.
In the end, he makes what he likes - pottery that is useful, beautiful
and inspirational.
(814) 867 - 0442

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