• Sports Library & Museum wants Books and Volunteers

SPORTS FANS, ATHLETES, COACHES, PHYSICAL EDUCATORS - we need your donations of books, magazines, journals, posters and memorabilia.

Help us to develop a comprehensive collection of all the sports literature in the world. We want books in EVERY LANGUAGE, not just in English. http://www.sportlibrary.org/501c3donatecollectables.html

Football, Wrestling, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey - you name the sport - we want the books. Sports Medicine, Sports Law, Sport History and Philosophy - we want it all. And...Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art and the Olympic Games - never throw it away - give it to us for our collections.

The International Institute for Sport History, (IISOH) is a Pennsylvania non-profit corporation. We plan to build our facility somewhere in central Pennsylvania so the entire state can participate in our functions on "neutral territory."

JOIN US as a CHARTER MEMBER with a single, once-in-a-lifetime donation of just $25.00. You can get an engraved brick paver (12 x 12 inches) for $250.00. If you are very eager to have your name permanently remembered then donate a MILLION DOLLARS to create an endowment. And, of course, you can have the naming rights to the building (either the Library or the Museum) for just 30 Million Dollars. That is NOT an annual contract either, it is for a lifetime, a permanent, FOREVER naming right.

Of course, there are many, many naming opportunities in between the $25.00 CHARTER MEMBERSHIP donation and the naming rights for the buildings. Surely there is a figure in that range for your personal, family or business legacy. ALL donations over $25.00 get a LIFETIME acknowledgement in two places, online at our website PLUS and indoor acknowledgement on the walls of our Museum entrance when it is built.

Just to repeat that...your donation over $25.00 gets a LIFETIME acknowledgement on our website and - after it is built - inside the lobby of the Museum (or possibly the Library).

Visit our website at www.sportlibrary.org for much more information. In APRIL we will have local addresses to drop off books and journals in our donation boxes. Contact us to pickup your books if is too uch to carry.

Donations of cash can be mailed via checks or money orders to our State College address or you can stop into our bank and make a direct deposit to our account at First National Bank located at the North Atherton Walmart Shopping Center. You can call and meet for lunch or a beer, too, if you want to learn more about the project.

VOLUNTEERS - we need lots of volunteers for marketing, advertising, web page development, social media outlets such as FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM. We need actors (2 guys and 2 girls) who can act in a series of short videos (under 2 minutes) for a SPORT TRIVIA SERIES that we are developing. We need a video camera operator and a director who would like to develop this series into a social media sensation. We do the research and writing - you do the acting and video production - we post it on FACEBOOK and we all become famous, of course.

SPORT IN ART Poster Series - we published a 24 x 36 inch poster to promote the subjects of SPORT IN ART, SPORT PHOTOGRAPHY and GYMNASTICS. See this project at http://www.sportlibrary.org/Gymnasticsposter.html

Illustrated is our current poster (GYMNASTICS #1) and there are five more in this Gymnastics series. But then we have to do Golf, Football, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, Basketball...well, actually about 200 posters. ARTISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS...are you paying attention? We will happily use your creations if they are good enough and meet our requirements and standards. See more details at www.sportlibrary.org.

HISTORIANS, researchers, foreign language students...are you ready to participate? We are writing the history of every sport and need your help to do the research and writing. We are presently updating our popular NATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE pages - that means 205 countries that we research. LANGUAGE students, linguists - we collect books in every language of the world...we need translators, cataloguers and bibliographic researchers.

Are you a student? Do you want an INTERNSHIP to get credit for your work? Then apply for our INTERNSHIP program and earn up to 3 credits towards your degree. All Pennsylvania university students are invited to apply. LIMITED to four students per semester.

And - the big news - the MILLION DONOR CAMPAIGN. Our effort to get one million Pennsylvania citizens to each donate $25.00 just once in their lifetime in order to create the OPERATING ENDOWMENT. This will fund the day-to-day operations through a perpetual trust. The principal cannot be spent - only the quarterly interest. See more here: http://www.sportlibrary.org/chartercampaign2.html

So, you ask, what do we plan to buy? Well, here is a hint -- go to our front page and see the photo. It is tall, it is heavy and it is a little bit famous, or so they say... www.sportlibrary.org - yes, we have the rights to it and we plan to bring it to central Pennsylvania (it is number 3 of 3).

The International Institute for Sport History (IISOH) Library and Museum is a Pennsylvania non-profit educational, literary and research corporation under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The IISOH is organized to operate a Library & Museum devoted to the History of Sport, Physical Education, Recreation, Dance, Sport in Art and the Olympic Games. Donations are tax deductible. Federal Tax ID# 41-2041155.

IISOH Library & Museum
Mr. Harvey Abrams, President
PO Box 175
State College, PA 16804